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Made For TV

Not every good idea gets its time to shine, but some ideas are simply too good to throw away. These three treatments never aired on TV, but they’re still available for distribution. To work with David LaHuta on a new project or to pickup one of these concepts, please contact David here.


Produced in part with Back Roads Entertainment (50 Central, Lake Life, Culinary Beats) this teaser trailer features stay-at-home-dad David LaHuta, who travels around the world then cooks inspired meals for his two kids when he gets home. But will they eat his food? Watch to find out!


Conceived, produced and hosted by David LaHuta, ISLANDER takes an in-depth look into fragile island ecosystems around the globe. In this pilot episode, David visits the mid-Atlantic island of Bermuda, exploring the people and places that keep this 21-square-mile archipelago afloat.


Produced by California-based Goodnite Productions (Joan Cusack’s Local Flavor on Travel Channel) this teaser trailer follows David LaHuta as he becomes a pedicab driver in New York City. His goal? To earn enough money to work his way around the world.