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05/27/20Deal of the Day

We’re still in the midst of Phase 2 here in Bermuda, which means our economy, and more importantly our international airport, won’t fully reopen for several more weeks. When that will be is anyone’s guess, but what remains clear is that our tourism sector must focus on the intra-island economy in order to survive. That means businesses that once survived on tourist dollars must stay afloat with ours. And fortunately, one of my favorite local businesses is offering a stellar deal for Bermuda residents at the moment.

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05/21/20It’s Time To Dine!

Here in Bermuda we’re currently in the midst of a four phased reopening of the economy, with Phase 4 culminating with the opening of L.F. Wade International Airport. Well, I’m happy to report that today is the official start of Phase 2, which to the delight of many includes the ability for restaurants and bars with outdoor seating to finally serve dine in guests. This being Bermuda, we’ve got dozens of such breezy places, so I’ve compiled a list of establishments that should be open as of today.

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05/20/20On ‘Doing the Unthinkable’

It may read like a hyperlocal report about a tiny island economy, but last week’s OpEd in the Royal Gazette—Bermuda’s daily newspaper of record—takes a rather grim look at the economic challenges facing the mid-Atlantic archipelago following the Covid-19 pandemic. The piece, which was written by the newspaper’s editorial board, is fueled by Finance Minister Curtis Dickinson’s recent report to the House of Assembly—a report that described “a catastrophe for Bermuda’s economy and government finances.”

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