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08/14/13Now Playing On Your FM Dial

Living in Bermuda has its perks. Not only does it host some of the world’s finest floating fiestas, but it also gives me access to some pretty cool folks—like travel expert Peter Greenberg, who visited the island last month. He was here recording his weekly radio show and kindly asked me to join the broadcast, which was an absolute pleasure considering we first chatted about ex-pat life in November 2010.

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05/21/13The Caribbean is Calling

The Caribbean is one of those places that I can talk about endlessly, which is clear if you give the following interview a good read. It’s a transcript of a chat I had with the folks from SimplyCaribe, a rental agency that manages luxurious properties in France, Italy and the Caribbean. Among other things, you’ll learn about my favorite towns and beaches throughout the region (that’s Cinnamon Bay, St. John above), where to go for stellar kayaking and bomber waves plus tips for getting a great island meal.

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03/08/13Just Back: Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

So in case you didn’t get the memo, this blog is meant to celebrate life’s important moments. Every single one of them, whether they be grand adventures abroad or simple blissful milestones, like how my two-year-old says the letter W (dubbie, dubbie, if you were wondering). My latest big moment came when I finally hopped a plane, and another plane, and another plane, to Costa Rica—a long overdue trip since one of my very best friends moved to the laid-back surf town of Santa Teresa on the Nicoya Peninsula. He’s been there for the better portion of a decade and for whatever reason I never made it down south. Until now.

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