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06/01/20Face Coverings, Ranked

There’s a lot of evidence out there showing that we should all be wearing face masks at the moment. Not in our homes while surrounded by our own “quar-pods,” a term the New York Times coined meaning people from whom you’re not socially distancing. But certainly in public, as we shop in what few retail stores are currently open, dine in restaurants with outdoor spaces and while we go about our daily business.

Like you, I’ve seen my fair share of face coverings these days and let me tell you, not all masks are created equal. I’ve seen people with gallon water bottles on their heads, folks sporting bandannas, and of course, straight up carpenter and medical masks that get the job done. Me? I opt for a skier style gaiter, like the one pictured above, which is easy on the ears while on, and somewhat stylish while off.

Here in Bermuda, these masks from Coral Coast have been flying off the shelves—and rightfully so! They’re locally made, feature a boasty Bermuda flag design and most importantly, support a local business that I’m sure needs the revenue at the moment. And thanks to the good folks at TABS, you can now wear an island-inspired mask featuring tropical patterns of all kinds, like Hawaiian prints or images of Botanical Gardens foliage. Even better, the stylish cotton masks are handmade right here in Bermuda, so you’re helping to support local workers.

So what’s the best mask to sport out and about in this crazy COVID-19 world? Here are my unscientific results:

N95/Face shield combo- Currently the gold standard of COVID-19 masks. Don’t even try to sport this look if you’re not a medical professional or an essential worker.

Designer cloth face shield – These handcrafted masks, ala the above versions from Coral Coast and TABS are the cream of the crop. Sport it and support it. Plain and simple.

Ski gaiter – As previously mentioned, my gaiter doesn’t uncomfortably wrap around one’s ears and looks cool around your neck when walking from the car back to the house. They’re stylish, comfortable, and easy to wash. Plus, you can support your favorite ski mountain when not bombing down the slopes (thanks Jackson Hole’s Snow King!).

Medical/carpenter mask – Both masks essentially do the same thing, but a carpenter’s mask has the added bonus of a metal nose pinch, which I award added brownie points for.

Bandanna — A stellar mask in a pinch. United States Senator Tim Kaine has been spotted wearing one in and out of the senate, and I love his Old West, Billy the Kid vibe. A solid mask for old timers and kids alike.

Milk jug (or similar) — Don’t even.

Have a great day, folks.

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  • Judith Calabrese - Reply
    Posted at 04:16:41 on June 1, 2020

    Great coverage on the essential face “coverage”.

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