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April 2013

04/16/13Wanna live longer? Drink red wine.

Sure, you can do other things to help stretch your life expectancy—like eat a plant-based diet, walk five miles a day or laugh with friends—but I’m quite fond of this boozy tip, which I learned while interviewing Dan Buettner at last year’s Mountainfilm in Telluride. Dan is the Founder and CEO of Blue Zones, an organization that identifies populations around the world that live longer and ultimately, better lives. With the help of National Geographic and the world’s finest longevity researchers, he pinpointed five so-called Blue Zones—locations around the globe where its residents, due to a handful of environmental and physical factors, reach age 100 at a rate 10 times greater than in the United States.

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04/10/13VIDEO: A Day in Dockyard

I’m a pretty lucky guy. Not only does my job takes me to some pretty sweet locations around the globe, but I get to live in Bermuda, where the sand is pink, the water is turquoise and the drinks are Dark n Stormy. Life here is good, especially since I get to report on it all for the Bermuda Channel, a television network geared for island visitors. Among other attractions, I’ve filmed great spots to go SCUBA diving on the south shore, adventurous parasailing excursions on the west end and deep sea fishing on the Challenger Banks—and now there’s a new video to add to the mix. Filmed just last month and now making its rounds on the Bermuda Channel, welcome to A Day in Dockyard.

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Welcome to my very first installment of the #TheFridayPhoto. In addition to stunning, curious and/or amusing images that I come across in my travels, you can expect to see snapshots of personal moments from my daily life—like this blue sky day I recently had in Bermuda. My family and I were taking a beach hike along the island’s south shore and couldn’t help but take in the view near Chaplin Bay, craggy rocks, turquoise ocean and all. It just doesn’t get much better than this.

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