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05/29/13Just Back: Mountainfilm in Telluride

It can easily be said that Mountainfilm in Telluride is without a doubt, the professional highlight of my year. Now celebrating its 35th anniversary, the festival screens groundbreaking independent documentary films from an inspiring community of athletes, activists and adventurers and for the past four years, I’ve been proud to host Outside Television’s coverage of the event alongside pro skier and all around badass, Lynsey Dyer (that’s us filming on Main Street this weekend).

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04/16/13Wanna live longer? Drink red wine.

Sure, you can do other things to help stretch your life expectancy—like eat a plant-based diet, walk five miles a day or laugh with friends—but I’m quite fond of this boozy tip, which I learned while interviewing Dan Buettner at last year’s Mountainfilm in Telluride. Dan is the Founder and CEO of Blue Zones, an organization that identifies populations around the world that live longer and ultimately, better lives. With the help of National Geographic and the world’s finest longevity researchers, he pinpointed five so-called Blue Zones—locations around the globe where its residents, due to a handful of environmental and physical factors, reach age 100 at a rate 10 times greater than in the United States.

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