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August 2013

08/14/13Now Playing On Your FM Dial

David LaHuta and Peter Greenberg in Bermuda

Living in Bermuda has its perks. Not only does it host some of the world’s finest floating fiestas, but it also gives me access to some pretty cool folks—like travel expert Peter Greenberg, who visited the island last month. He was here recording his weekly radio show and kindly asked me to join the broadcast, which was an absolute pleasure considering we first chatted about ex-pat life in November 2010.

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08/05/13Another Day in Paradise

Aerial view of 2013 Non Mariners flotilla in Bermuda

I’m a pretty lucky guy. For 365 days of the year I get to live on a tropical island in the middle of the Atlantic—one that’s lined with pink sand beaches, world-class dive sites and some of the friendliest people I’ve come to know. Even better, it’s a two-hour flight from most east coast gateways, which means in the time it takes to watch one feature length film you could be basking on Bermuda’s shores via flights from New York, Boston, D.C., Baltimore, Philly, Miami and Atlanta. And while this is one fact that I’m particularly boastful of, there’s one aspect of island life that I’ll never stop gloating about: We islanders like to party.

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