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04/03/13Mutha Hover!

I’m a big fan of Bubba Watson. Not only is he a badass golfer, having won the 2012 Masters at Augusta, which earned him a spot in the prestigious PGA Grand Slam of Golf at Bermuda’s own Port Royal, but he’s pretty damn funny as well. If you haven’t already seen his YouTube video with six million hits and counting, you should. Like I said, he’s a funny guy. And nothing’s more amusing than watching him and his pro-golfer buddies Rickie Fowler, Hunter Mahan and Ben Crane lampoon themselves. Until I saw Bubba’s latest project, that is.

Welcome to Bubba’s Hover. Or as I like to call it, the Bubba Craft. You’ll get the gist pretty quickly by watching the video above, but as you’ll see, Bubba’s new invention just might be the greatest thing to ever happen to the game of golf. No more will cart path only rules apply once you’re behind the wheel of the Bubba Craft, since it puts less pressure on the green than a human foot. Even better, you can buzz right over water hazards with ease. And no, it was not an April Fool’s Day joke. You hear that Santa? It’s officially all I want for Christmas.

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